Re: APE weather in the NW

Richard Rohrer

Hi Rick,

Like everything else its up in the air.  The event we would be attending in Las Vega will either be canceled or not allowing spectators, so that is off the list.  Kathy has been trip planning thru the Gulf states to AZ and then back to hit some of the less activated grids in TX, but with the potential hurricane damage that might be reconsidered.  We were planning on going on a short trip around MS and AL to get some of the grids I want to transmit from, but we have been going up to MD for work and will be heading up there for two more weeks this weekend.  This Covid travel restrictions really have the xyl bummed out.  We have been home more this year since we moved to FL. 

Have not been very active, but did get two APEs.   

Dick - KC3EF

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