Re: Stan on 80

stan W9SMR

Conditions were tough today, but we have 143 Q's in the log. Too tired to continue tonite. Fourteen hours is enough, even for an APE!!

See you abut 7:30 on 80M/40M and hope to get some electrons to cooperate on 17/15/12/10 and 6 meters between then and 1 p.m. shutdown.

THANK YOU EVERYBODY for making the APE Chase so much fun.

Vy 73,
Stan W9SMR

From: <> on behalf of Bill Williams <>
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2020 8:34 PM
Subject: [070Club] Stan on 80

After monitoring for them on 80M for near an hour I finally saw Stan and worked him. He is at 3.581.39. I can still see him here in Florida but there is some fading.


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