PSKFest es TDW


Hey, speaking of PSK contests, don't forget that we have the PSKFest
coming up next month, January 19th, so save some on-the-air time for that
one. And coming up in June will be the TDW. For the benefit of the new guys,
the Three-Day Weekend or TDW as everyone likes to call it is a closed contest
for 070 Club members only. The rules from this year's event are still posted
on the 070 website, so you can get an idea of what it is all about.
Everything will be the same, except for the number of multipliers and the
bonus stations. If it's not too early to ask, I am looking for volunteers to
be bonus stations for the next TDW, to be held June 2002. If interested, send
an email to direct with your request and a run down of your
station. I will need four stations again and will try to space them out
around the globe to give everyone a shot at some bonus points....Jay N3DQU.

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