Re: Calendars are Hard!

Stephen Melachrinos

John -

Given the so-so propagation we are now experiencing, it's probably best to announce your overnight needs in advance, and solicit skeds. 0900 is 5am in ET, and there are a number of members who would have been on the air if they had known you would be there. (I usually get up at 5:40, so that wouldn't have been much earlier.)

I think each member that has accomplished 24x7 realizes that it was made possible by other hams that were the other side of 168 QSOs. So most everyone is willing to help those that follow.


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Congrats, Karl!   I'm hoping to complete my 366 in March.   At least that is the goal.

The clock part may be tough.  I was  up at 0900 this morning (4 am Central time), and just checked the bands for psk.   Tried 20, 30 and 40, and nada.    That may be something to save for a few years down the road, when we get to the meat of the solar cycle! 



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