locked Re: HF Digital Mode Band Plan Review


Hi all,
I have set this Group to "SPECIAL NOTICES". 

The 070-Contest Group is still set at Full Digest and always will.

Although I do FT8 (Couldn't resist 9 JA's in a row on long distant Es on 10M FT8 on July 20.... hadn't done that in 11 years), I love PSK31 and RTTY too... my favorite is CW.
But when members here start making derogatory and even political statements about other Hams and their interests in this Hobby, there are better places to waste my time. I am retired, I waste my time.
I have enough issues with this mountain to my east :(
I have been doing WSJT Modes since 2001. I found them all boring until FT8. WSPR was okay as another PropNET, but their Website sucked. I never heard any support for PropNET here in this group as I recall.
BTW I have left at least a couple FT8 Groups. Many believe you can't do it without a KW and a longwire ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯
Let's hope we can work this out. I am hearing white noise in too many places. Be respectful, but fight for what is right.
73 Art K7DWI #2518

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