10 Meters


Thought I'd give 10 mtrs a try today.  Saw the snowy screen and called CQ, right on top of a qso in progress.  Lesson learner QRN? QRN?  The Tn station I couldn't see however the Tx station was 599.  What are the chances?  Went up the waterfall a bit and called CQ and got a rookie making his first PSK contact.  What are the chances?  He only had hamsticks for the high bands.
Did contact the Tx station, Ron KE4DRF # 2790 and he told me that he has made a few contacts on 10 in the past few days.  Maybe the SFI creeping up and the increasing number of sun spots are starting to loosing things up.  Give 10 a try once and a while, you never know.

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