Calendars are Hard!

Karl Heinz Kremer - K5KHK - PODXS 070 # 2645

Last August, I was ready to fill my calendar for the 365/366 endorsement. I was missing three days during the week we always spend in the Adirondacks. I came prepared with my radio, an antenna and a Raspberry Pi set up with Fldigi. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties and hardware problems, I was not able to make a single PSK31 contact. So I marked the three missing days on my calendar for this year and started two days ago to fill in the missing days. Thanks to John KC3FL for helping me to fill in my calendar. Based on what I had in my calendar, I should be down to one missing day now, so I thought I would upload my logs and take a screenshot of the one missing day in the calendar for the family photo album :) Imagine my shock when I saw that there were two days missing... The good news is that it's the next two days and not something that I would have to wait another year for. Yup, calendars are hard :) I will be on the air again tonight and tomorrow night to fill in those two missing days. Thanks again for everybody out there willing to answer my CQ calls or to work me when I answer theirs - especially to John. 

See you on the waterfall, 

Karl Heinz - K5KHK

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