Re: Contacts who have returned or new to PSK


I've seen new folks just about everyday for the past two or three months.  Some new to digital, and some FT8 ops that either got bored or worked every station on the planet.  Along with not knowing the protocal, they will type ahead and load the xmit buffer or have a signal 500 hz wide.  Try to use some tact when you point out those things.  We want to help the newbie, not chase them away.  I heard a station blister a guy for having an over driven signal and the new guy went silent.  I sent him an email and explained how to fix the signal and that the nasty op is the exception and not the norm on PSK.  He replied that his first contact left a bad taste in his mouth and he didn't intend to return to PSK but accepted my help and I've seen him on the waterfall since.  So keep in mind what it was like when you started and welcome the new guy or gal.


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