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Jerry N9AVY


Started out with Digipan in 2000 -older than the hills... moved to a couple others and tried HRD 4 or 5 (before the author in Switzerland sold it to U.S. firm). Finally settled on MixW2 and moved to 3.2.

HRD was just too much clutter IMHO. They are now on Version 7.? and they keep making additions which makes me think that there is more to go wrong. I like simple software. I have avoided MixW4 simply because I heard some negative comments about that version.

Currently running MixW3.2 on a WIN 7 machine ; previously it was on an XP platform.

Jerry n9avy

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Thanks for your reply.  It’s nice to know how well you like your MixW3.  It makes me feel better about sticking with the same brand that I have used so long.

Phil  K8PVH


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Been using MixW 3.2 for a year or two. It's very stable and I love it. Not sure why you're having problems with down load. Hope some one can address that isue.

Jerry N9AVY

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Are there any MixW users out there ?


I have been using MixW V. 2.18 since 2007.  It has always worked fine for me and still does.  But recently I decided that I should upgrade to Version 3 and see how it works.

The problem I have is that I cannot get it downloaded.  The MixW Team has informed me that I am now registered for version 3 but I cannot get it downloaded.  Windows keeps blocking it.

Am I doing something wrong or what ?  Any suggestions out there.  I will appreciate any help I can get.



Phil, K8PVH, #2750


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