Re: MixW Version 3

Jerry N9AVY


Been using MixW 3.2 for a year or two. It's very stable and I love it. Not sure why you're having problems with down load. Hope some one can address that isue.

Jerry N9AVY

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, 08:54:23 AM CDT, Phil Van Huis <pjvanhuis@...> wrote:

Are there any MixW users out there ?


I have been using MixW V. 2.18 since 2007.  It has always worked fine for me and still does.  But recently I decided that I should upgrade to Version 3 and see how it works.

The problem I have is that I cannot get it downloaded.  The MixW Team has informed me that I am now registered for version 3 but I cannot get it downloaded.  Windows keeps blocking it.

Am I doing something wrong or what ?  Any suggestions out there.  I will appreciate any help I can get.



Phil, K8PVH, #2750


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