Re: Station weirdness

Jerry N9AVY

Can't climb tower - doctor's orders.

About every year or so I disassemble tower mounted remove coax switch (it's down low) and burnish the open frame relay contacts. Ameritron 5-position. Only problem I ever had with switch was when a spring broke on armature and I repaired it ... something I used to do many years ago on the job.

Jerry n9avy

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 04:58:24 PM CDT, John - KC3FL via <kc3fl@...> wrote:


I had a similar problem but limited to my vertical.  High SWR but an hour later tuned perfectly.  Two or three days later high SWR again.  Turned out to be a dirty connector at the antenna.  One shot of Deoxit and still working fine six months later.  Like Rick said 95% of the time it's a connector so might want to check them all out.


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