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Ron Bosch

Rick and Jerry,
" Good luck and hope you find your problem and fix it easily."
Any insight on how to make those two go together would be greatly appreciated :-)  I seem to do well on the first, but miserably on the second!!  Glad to see that I am not the only one who has the weird and strange happen to them, although most of mine as a newby, seem to be self-inflicted right now :-).  Latest learnings:
1.  When you tune a 10M dipole on 80M it is really hard to get much signal out :-)
2.  An MFJ-939I is an amazing autotuner that I am pretty sure could tune my truck's satellite stub to 80M!
3.  Label your antenna switches!

The mystery right now is that I seem to have problem with my 132' end fed zepp on 40M, I can tune it flat, and the match shows good, but when I get above about 35 watts out, it starts tripping the self-protection on the IC-7100 and reducing power, but not to a regular level like it would if it were a steady high SWR, it kinda jumps, lowers power SWR goes down, radio kicks power-up, and the cycle begins again.  It tunes fine and I can get 100 watts to the tuner in on every other band, so I suspect I am getting some weird resonance bridge as I increase power, but it is definitely power dependant, since at about 35 watts it goes away completely.
My first kick at the cat is I plan to extend the end fed to 202.5 feet, which I think I can do in the space I have.  The other monkey in the wrench is that is is only about 10 feet high because the Neighbourhood Nazi's would crucify me if they knew I was operating an HF station here.  I already tried changing the length of the counterpoise, with no discernable effect.

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On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 4:09 PM Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:
I had something similar happen last week.  Sudden hi SWR on all bands.  Grabbed the MFJ 259B and started working backwards from the vertical.  That was about 9 AM and the heat index was already near 100.  The antenna checked OK.  Jumper to the bulkhead fitting checked OK.  Fitting itself checked OK.  But when I got to the main coax on the other side of the bulkhead fitting, the waterproofing was split and the PL259 wasn't even finger tight.  Now the waterproofing was 2 layers of self-bonding silicone tape covered with a double wrap of 3M Scotch33.  It had simply split - from the heat, humidity, and UV I guess.  First time I've seen that in many years of using that waterproofing technique.  And that wrap as new about 20 months ago.  After it split, I guess the PL259 just worked loose from expansion/contraction in our lovely summer.  Tightened it back, rewrapped with 2 layers of silicone tape, 2 layers of 3M Scotch33, and everything is back in normal range.  Took about 2 hours with several water and "go inside and cool down" breaks.  Someone once told me that 95% of all electronic faults are in connections!  In my instance they were right.  Good luck and hope you find your problem and fix it easily.
Rick - N7WE
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