Re: interesting psk signal today...



You could look at the S/N and IMD down at the lower left and tell by that but that doesn't look like a PSK signal.  Keep in mind the closer the IMD is to the negative value of S/N, the cleaner the signal.  So if it had a S/N 25 dB and an IMD -15 dB, the signal would be over driven.
From looking at the waterfall controls circled in red in my attachment you have to apply a lot of audio in to Fldigi to see the traces and you are probably not seeing workable signals.  Try changing that Zero to something around -20 and the 60 to about 40 and go from there.  Make sure the Diamond at the lower right is Green.  On the trace to the right, the psk signal is as wide as that red horizontal line.  The rest of it looks like noise.  The trace on the left looks like it has harmonics and to be over driven.  If you make changes to the waterfall controls you will have to drop the RX out of the radio to Fldigi.


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