Re: interesting psk signal today...

Jerry N9AVY


You might try turning OFF AGC and inserting 18 db of attenuation .. your rig has that. On my FT-1000 this usually clears up problems with signals like that. However that station could be overdriving, have processor on, or simply running too much power (like 200 to 1 kilowatt). I encounter a few signals like this and now just tend to ignore them.

Jerry n9avy

On Sunday, July 26, 2020, 12:39:51 PM CDT, Don - KM4UDX <dontay155@...> wrote:

So this PSKer was at (approx) 950, 1.8k and 2.9K on my waterfall.  Is this simply an overdriven TX?

Don, km4udx, uBITX

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