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Hi All,

I have a very elementary question and when everyone quits
I hope someone will enlighten me.

I've only been in a couple of contests and am a bit confused
the multipliers, in the Deathmatch, do you multiply your total
by the number of DXCC contacts you get, or do you break it down to
each band and then add them together ?? I couldn't find anything
explains this on their website.>
Thanks for the help & 73,
Bernie / KF4FHS
Hey Bernie, we don't laugh at them elementary questions, it's the
advanced ones that we get a chuckle out of hi! Anyways, according to
the rules on the Deathmatch website, you get credit for working DXCC
countries once per band. So for example, if you work DL on 20m, DL on
15m es DL on 10m, that would be 3 mults. It would be easier to figure
them out by band I would think, altho you can do it whichever way is
the easiest for you. So first I would add up all the DXCC countries
worked on 80m, then do the same for 40m, etc. After you get all your
DXCC mults figured out per band, add them all together, then multiply
that total times the total contact points to get your final score.
Clear as mud, eh! I don't see anything in the rules about not taking
credit for working your own country, so don't forget to take credit
for any W's that you worked. Also, they want a buck included with
your entry so don't forget to send that along too.
I didn't get a chance to work the Deathmatch, so how about some
reviews from those that did work it, good, bad or otherwise....Jay

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