Re: LoTW today

Jerry N9AVY


Same here, but "someday" finally happened on 80m. Was 1 or 2 short for years, but had other bands covered. Hope you get Hawaii on 80m !!!

After working the ARRL Triple Play thing back in 2009, I'm still getting QSLs from station who were supposed to QSL back then. Guess some were procrastinators . Good thing I made several "insurance contacts" because I'd still be waiting on that award.

Have friend in FL who needs Hawaii on any band (PSK31 of course !) and I saw someone working Hawaii on 20m this morning, but couldn't reach Al to let him know. Drat ! Was surprised today with lousy conditions to see John (KC3FL) working Japan, but he did it. I tried afterwards and gave the JE1 station a 326 report , but he was that weak and QSB was awful. But made the contact ! Weird how band is behaving lately...

73, Jerry n9avy

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, 06:38:30 PM CDT, Leland Sly <lee.n5sly@...> wrote:

Congrats Jerry.  I've been stuck needing one confirmed LOTW QSO from Hawaii on 80 meters for a very long time to get my 5 band WAS award.  It will come some day, but it sure would be nice if it was sooner rather than later.


Lee N5SLY   

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 6:28 PM Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:
Wow !   Looks like I picked up about 500 new confirmations on LoTW today.    Noteworthy was the 80 WAS was completed for 5 band WAS.
Also, got about 5 more for Challenge and around 1451  distinct prefixes worked. 

Guess I need to submit to LoTW more than every 6 months.  It was fun going through it all.  Maybe some more matches coming in next few days or months. 

Need to get ACLog working with LoTW so I can upload more often. This has been dead for about a year.

Hope everyone got QSLs via  LOTW from me. Saw bunches of 070 contest calls.

73,  Jerry  N9AVY

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