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stan W9SMR

Got my Stickers today. My delay obviously due to bouncing off the Snowbird address in FL. I would consider putting all the stickers on the sheets to mount on the wall, but my shack in the guest bedroom closet is so small I would not be able to get into the shack if I did.

Special note of appreciation to Bob, KK6KMU, and Jeff, W3WMU, for tackling that job. THANK YOU!!

Thank you Jeff for the cute smiley face on the back of the envelope! Bob, KC9UR and I will be looking for your 8th year repeat performance as APE Hunter for working our APE on 3 or more bands! See you August 21 to 23 from Trine State Recreation Area.


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Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2020 7:00 PM
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Finally got my stickers today.  Thanks Jeff.

Jim K5SP

On 7/10/2020 9:16 AM, JEFF WALSH wrote:
Your packet of stickers went out on 7-10-2020

On Jul 10, 2020, at 5:30 AM, David Tucker <nu4ndave@...><mailto:nu4ndave@...> wrote:

hELLO Jim did I have a packet of stickers mailed yet? Thanks NU4N 1657 73 Dave

On 7/9/2020 4:31 PM, Jim K5SP wrote:

Many of you have already received your envelopes with the stickers in them.

We mailed out over 150 large envelopes with certificates all over the world.  Only one of them has returned, and that is because I blew W7OXB address.

We mailed close to 250 envelopes with stickers in them, and to date, three have been returned as bad addresses.  I need to confirm the correct mailing address with the following to ensure our records are correct.

N8FL - our data has your address as RT1 Box 130a1 in Glenwood WV.  It was returned to sender.

N3UYI - our data has your address as 247 Sweet Gum Drive, Chelsea AL

WB8YXF - We have you as 3311 Galberry Rd. Chesapeake VA, it was forwarded to 233 Jessamine Pl MCGayheysville VA and returned.

Please help us update our records to show the corrrect address.  In a couple of cases, QRZ does not even match.

Thanks in advance,


Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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