40M Firecracker Sprint Results - 2020

stan W9SMR

There were fireworks aplenty as 62 contesters worked to conquer the conditions and show their skills. There were 15 High Power, 27 Medium Power, 16 Low Power and 4 QRP logs submitted. This included 7 non-members, 3 of whom have already joined as members. See below.

Top Dawg and 1st Place in High Power was Steve, VA3TPS. Last year’s RC3 Rollo Cup Champion, Lee, N5SLY grabbed 2nd Place. Lee leads in the 2020 RC3 going into this contest. In 3rd Place is Bob, K8RGI,

In Medium Power1st Place went to Mary, KC4TIE. Good to see Mary back in there! In 2nd Place was Curt, K3URT and 3RD Place went to David, KR4U.

The Low Power 1st Place winner, Steve, W3HF had the second highest overall score. And Tom, W8TOM, grabbed 2nd Place while new member David, WA3LXD pulled in 3rd Place.

In the very challenging QRP category, 1st Place went to Peter, NN9K. Peter finished first in QRP in the Valentine Sprint, St. Patrick’s and PSK Fest. 2ND Place went to Rick, N7WE and 3rd Place to Dave, AB9BZ.

Winners in each category are summarized below:

As a special treat, KD6TR and N6MG were blessed with a QSO with Warren, VK4FJ of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Gotta’ be a sign that better conditions are just around the corner.

These three contesters have since joined our ranks. (* Joined during Contest) 
Welcome them, please:               

NZ4N *                 Brian      Oakridge, NC     #2785
WA8UMT            Rick        Novi, MI               #2786 
VE3XDB                Doug     Kitchener, ON   #2787

And if you see the other non-member entrants, VK4FJ, KC3NTG, AG7CC or KS3H on the air, thank them for participating and invite them to join us soon.

Full results will be uploaded to the 070 Club at: 40M Firecracker Sprint Results 

or the 070 Club Contest Reflectors at: 40M Firecracker Sprint Results

We again are a deeply indebted to David, K9DWR, who established the upload link and parsed the contest results. Thank You, David!

The August PODXS 070 Event is the Annual APE, August PSK Expeditions. And with renewed interest in Grid Chasing, stay tuned to the Reflector for updates and check the 070 website for details on APEs and Grid Chasing.

Our next contest will be Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint starting on September 4 in the US. See Contest Rules at: Jay Hudak 80M Sprint Rules



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