Re: Debian 10 linux + Fldigi + Signalink USB + Kenwood TS-570D/G

Doug Behl <dbehl@...>

Thank you for your response, David.  I'm actually a member of the linuxham group, but haven't been active in any groups since they switched from Yahoo!  So, it's been awhile.  But, I just checked, and I'm still registered with linuxham.  So, I will ask my question there.  Was considering building from source, and think I will try that, too.

Thanks again!


On 2020-07-18 11:45 p.m., David, K9DWR wrote:
* Doug Behl <> [2020-07-18 22:34]:
Good evening,

As a new member, and want to thank everyone for their warm welcome to the
club.  I was on 40 meters this evening, and several members contacted me to
extend their welcome.  It was very kind, and unexpected!
Glad to hear that, Doug.  Welcome, indeed :-)

Before writing this message, I reviewed the group message history to see if
there was an issue similar to mine, but couldn't find anything.  Maybe
someone has some ideas?

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.
That's not ringing any bells for me, but...

I recommend asking in the mailing list for fldigi linux support:

I also recommend trying building from source.  The instructions are pretty
detailed and there are often fixes that get addressed that stable won't see for
a long time.

It's also possible to run stable alongside your own build, so it's easy enough
to go back if you want/need to.

Doug Behl

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