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Nice catch on the ZD8JA contact.  I only have one ZD8 in my log.  ZD8Z on Ascension Island.

I've done a fair amount of multi-day regattas and boat deliveries and I really enjoy the middle watches I've done.  Something about being out of sight of land in the middle of the night at the helm that can be magic.  It can also be pretty miserable sometimes, too.

Anyway we had a bit to talk about given our maritime experiences.  We'd both read John McPhee's "Waiting for a Ship" and we talked about that.  Fun stuff, this PSK.




On 7/15/20 3:14 PM, Stephen Melachrinos via wrote:
Eric -

Twice--once in 2003 when he was somewhere (FL26) in the Atlantic, and then again in 2014 during a contest (!) and I'm not sure where he was.

Also worked him a few times as ZD8JA, as well as stateside in multiple states.


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Hi All,

One night last March I couldn't sleep so I got up in the wee hours and
checked out the waterfall on 40m.  I had the good fortune to catch up
with Jeremy N1ZZZ - 070#50.

He was MM in the South China Sea as master on a container ship. We had a
nice, long QSO and it was one of the reasons I love PSK.

Anybody else ever catch N1ZZZ at sea?




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