Re: N1ZZZ Redeye Ragchew

Stephen Melachrinos

Eric -

Twice--once in 2003 when he was somewhere (FL26) in the Atlantic, and then again in 2014 during a contest (!) and I'm not sure where he was.

Also worked him a few times as ZD8JA, as well as stateside in multiple states.


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Subject: [070Club] N1ZZZ Redeye Ragchew

Hi All,

One night last March I couldn't sleep so I got up in the wee hours and
checked out the waterfall on 40m.  I had the good fortune to catch up
with Jeremy N1ZZZ - 070#50.

He was MM in the South China Sea as master on a container ship. We had a
nice, long QSO and it was one of the reasons I love PSK.

Anybody else ever catch N1ZZZ at sea?




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