Re: Tnx Stimckers

Jim K5SP

Your welcome, Dave.   It took a lot of effort to get everything caught up, stickers and certificates mailed, and we are now up to date on member benefits. 

Thanks to all for your patience while the backlog was being sorted out and removed.  We will continue to work hard for this, the best PSK club in existence.

Many thanks to Jeff W3WMU, and Bob KK6KMU for taking the many sheets of stickers, cutting them out appropriately, putting them in envelopes, stamping, and mailing.   Your great work is not unnoticed, nor is it not vastly appreciated.  It's members like you that go above and beyond that keeps the club going.


Jim K5SP

On 7/14/2020 4:53 AM, Dave Tucker Nu4N wrote:
I did'nt know I worked that many contacts for the amout of stickers I got.
Tnx for all the hard work with the back log you had,
Dave NU4N #1657

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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