Re: [Fw:] Cycle 25 Optimism


Believe me!...all JY stations are not the same!
I actually met JY1 at a reception for him in New Orleans at their consulate. His cousin, JY3ZH, Zedan Hussein had a son that was a student at LSU, in petroleum engineering. I'd run phone patches for them when our path's crossed a few times a week. Zedan ran the "African Knight's Net" on 20 meters and would bring up different North African stations.
JY3ZH asked me if I had a tuxedo, then I got an invitation to a dinner party at their Consulate.
JY1 was very nice, cordial, and extremely friendly when I was introduced to him as a ham. I received a standing invitation to visit him and his shack in Amman, if I happened to be passing through. 
QSL via N2OO 
PO Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087 USA
Bob asks that you email him 1st @  n2oo@... 
JY1 was forced into exile a few years later and died from cancer a few months after that. That was like 35 + years ago. 
Great memories...20m was open 24/7 to someplace. 10m & 15m open 18 hours a day and  80m & 40m open worldwide 2X everyday at greyline.
Just give me one more Solar Cycle like that! 
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