Re: Going to Junk File

N9JCA Chris Matthews <chris.n9jca@...>

NO Steve

Your reply came straight to my Inbox ( Weird )

I rarely answer Messages, unless I have a comment to make/help with

or a problem I can't rectify, by going back through other Posts

or finding a solution from other sources, namely Linux Communities

so we'll see what happens.

Chris N9JCA


On 7/6/20 1:31 AM, Stephen Melachrinos via wrote:
Chris -

Could you have accidentally identified an 070 message as spam? As I understand it, some mail clients and/or servers take action if a message is identified as spam--a message may be sent to the sender (that can result in being dropped from a mailing list) and additional messages from the same sender are likewise identified as spam.


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Sent: Sun, Jul 5, 2020 9:27 pm
Subject: [070Club] Going to Junk File

Recently ALL my 070 mail has been going to my Junk Folder
Why, I don't know and to top it all, I get an Unsubscribed note from, so I have to click on a link that allows me to re join
the Group. Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just me
Chris N9JCA

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