Re: 40 meter Firecracker Sprint

Stephen Melachrinos

Art -

Good suggestions. Because of the "close-in" phenomenon, I hope to be on the air earlier than when the band "goes long", just to catch some nearby LONP points. 

I'll do my best to stay up late to get the west coast.


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Hi Dave and others,
We are at the bottom of the the Solar Cycle. Solar Flux will be 68 and geomagnetic activity light.
As soon as the sun goes down, 40 Meters will quickly stretch out.
If you want to work anyone close, it will be during the daytime.

Out here in Oregon where there is little activity and a hill and mountain to my east, I will fire up at 00 or 01 UTC (5 or 6 pm local PDT).
That way I can catch a few on the west coast and then pray I can get a few of you out East to 06-07 UTC.
40 Meters was excellent during Field Day.
Good luck.
Art K7DWI #2518

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