Re: Can someone help?

Richard Rohrer

For normal operation I just have Fldigi open ACL when I start Fldigi and have it automatically connect to ACL so when I log in Fligi it automatically sends the data to ACL.  Since Fldigi normally does not send the sent or received strings to ACL,  here is how I configure for an 070 contest. I setup a new log in Fldigi for the contest and select generic contest in Fldigi.  I don't connect to my ACL log.  This allows me to see duplicates and setup my exchanges.  I have setup two fields in the in the Other Titles that are SRX_STRING and STX_STRNG, which are the sent and received strings that Fldigi will export.  I participate in the contest and when done export for Fldigi to ACL and I also merge the contest contacts into my main Fldigi log.  Depending on what needs to be sent from the contest log I either copy from ACL to Excel and manipulate the log into the format I want or use one of the programs that allow you to manipulate an adif file.  Looks a little complicated, but it works for me. 
If you have more questions send me an email off list at kc3ef at arrl dot net Tom and I will send you screen shots of my setup.     

Dick - KC3EF

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