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Ray Clements

As long as as you logging program can export adif, you can import it into ACLog. 

I like using HRD/DM780 for my digital contacts as it logs automatically and uploads to several sites eQSL, HRD log. However, I like some of the features of ACLog, so I export my digital contacts from HRD and import them into ACLog. I then upload from ACLog to LoTW and confirm contacts from eQSL.  

I know this is a PSK club and many folks do not like the JT/FT modes, but for those that do, HRD interfaces quite nicely with WSJT-X both for control of the radio and logging of contacts. Thus, I find the combination of WSJT-X, HRD/DM780 and and ACLog to be very effective. for all modes.


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I also use Scotts ACLog for logging.  I use MixW for PSK, when done I just export the QSO's into adif format from MixW, and then Import into ACLog.   I don't use fldigi, but am assuming you can export contacts from its log into adif and import to AcLog.

Extra step, wish that there was an API to interface AcLog with MixW.


Jim K5SP

On 7/1/2020 11:11 AM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
I've been emailing with our newest member N8EUI - Tom.  He just said: "To get started, I use N3FJP to log my general and state QSO party contests. However, N3FJP does not contain the 070 Club contests in its logging database. Also, I use FLDigi for my PSK31 operation. Can you offer me a solution to operating the 070 contests using N3FJP and FLDigi?"

Since I don't know anything about either of those programs, can someone help him out?  Please respond to him direct at tschmidt50@... as I'm not sure his is up on the group as yet.  Many thanks.
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