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Stephen Melachrinos

John -

Although Field Day runs from 1800z to 2059z, a station's individual end time depends on when operation started and when the station was set up. Any station that was set up prior to 1800z can only operate for 24 consecutive hours. So if they started at 1800 on Saturday, they end at 1800 on Sunday. This applies to mobile stations (class C) and fixed stations (D, E and F).

For portable stations (class A and B), it depends on when setup started. If setup starts before 1800, then they are limited to 24 hours like the other classes. If they begin setup at or after 1800, then they can operate from whenever they're ready until 2059z.

Since you were class 1E (thanks for the QSO), you would count your best 24 consecutive hours. In my (admittedly) bizarre case, since my first QSO was at 1745z today, I could have run until 2059z today.


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Great contest.  Got 227 PSK31 q's and ran with the generator.  Check it out every Field day for hurricane season.  Got 7 new LONP and
2 new grids.  At 18:30 had a VE3 tell me the contest was over at 18:00, think a lot of folks thought that because the waterfall died around that time.


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