Re: QSYing to 30m

David, K9DWR

* Elisabeth KJ7MEB <> [2020-06-20 06:29]:
I'm on 30m after I saw K8TOM's spot. It's mighty quiet out there.

- KJ7MEB, new member 2774
I can tell there's some traces there, but can't pick them out.

I managed to squeeze one out on 30m, but that was by luck and prayer. My rig
is not built well for 30 at all (and other WARC are even worse). I'll
take what I can get. ;-)

I'll probably hang out on 20m, but I'll try and see if the SWR isn't too
bad on the other bands. Maybe I'll get a little more luck.

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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