Endorsement Daze #3 – WARC Helpful Hints

stan W9SMR

Some of us have not really gotten serious about the WARC Bands. The 070 Club TRI-WARC Endorsement and Endorsement Daze #3 offer a great time to explore. I have found a great aid for 17M propagation conditions in the Bulletins and Code Practice schedules for W1AW.

Their powerful signal acts like a Mega-Beacon for propagation on 17M. Get the full operating schedule at: W1AW - Operating Schedule

In summary, here is the schedule that I think will be most helpful. There are also voice bulletins which I have not included.

CW Bulletins or Code Practice on 18.0975 MHz starting at UTC:


Digital Bulletins PSK-31, MFSK16 and 45.45 Baudot on 18.1025 MHz starting at UTC


So, if in doubt on possible propagation prospects on 17M, just tune to the W1AW operating frequencies and see what’s cookin’ !!

Then Spot that info on the Main 070 Reflector and do a self-spot on PSKReporter. Then Spot any stations you copy and hopefully work.

Use this same Spotting technique on all the bands you operate on.

Our Endorsement Daze #3 event is planned for 18 hours in hopes of focusing our time.

Starting: 10:00 UTC on Saturday, June 20 (Saturday, June 20 at 06:00 EDT)
Ending:  03:59 UTC on Sunday, June 21 (Saturday, June 20 at 23:59 EDT)

Best wishes on a great experience with PSK-31 and the PODXS 070 Endorsement Daze #3!!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
             PODXS 070 - PR Director            

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