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Chuck M

Here are some download links for Dave Slotter's, W3DJS, new suite of ham programs in a single set up for the RPI.  Hope to have my own full package installed from this by end of weekend.  It's around a 3 GB file, 32 GB micro SD card recommended.

Direct Download Links:
US Callsign Alpha Prefix download here:
US Callsign Kilo Prefix download here:
US Callsign November Prefix download here:
US Callsign Whiskey Prefix download here:
All other Prefixes download here:

If you'd prefer a bit torrent type file, please ask and I'll see if I can find that to post on this group as well.


On Friday, June 19, 2020, 04:16:10 PM EDT, Chuck M via <cam51mail@...> wrote:

Dave, W3DJS, just released his new HamPi 1.0 that includes Raspbian image and around 80 ham related programs.  Haven't had a chance to download and install yet.  Planning to this weekend.  I'll post a link later today unless someone else beats me.

Jason, KM4ACK, has released his new Build-a-Pi, V3.  Think this one requires having Raspbian image already on card.  See his YouTube channel for more info.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 2:58 PM, 1470 via
<boat.anchor@...> wrote:
This Dxped is gr8 news. I am in need of CN96 & CN98.
Those time frames work for me any day but would only work for me on 20M
BTW do you have a Rasppi image with all ham software that I could borrow a copy .
I am finding the raspian a bit daunting but would like to get the pi running with my
Softrock 40/30/20

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