Re: Grid-pedition to CN98

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

If you do Mt. Rainier, I'll be trying to work you even though I don't need the grid.  Are you thinking Sunrise Visitor Center?  That should be a great location for working to the east and south.

Yeah, I was thinking Sunrise.  It’s up high, Northeast of the bulk of the mountain, and there are some truly excellent trails for me to run on while I’m there.  Training time at 6400 feet would be nice.  Even just a one hour run would be wonderful.

I'd love to do the Washington coast again...even if I didn't manage one Q!  I found working from the Washington and Oregon coast was tough to the east, as the Coast Range often made things difficult to impossible.  Japan, Hawaii, and some of the rarer ones in Oceania were fun though, as they are not easy from Florida.  But with the Franken-Tarheel it might be a different story.  Just pick your spots!  Topography matters.

I think CN76, the southwest corner of the state, would be pretty easy.  I’d just drive the car onto the beach in Long  Beach, put up the antenna, and fire away.  The topography is excellent as you’re pretty much south of the Olympics and the Cascades are far away.  

CN87 might be tricky.  But Copalis Beach is not far north of Long Beach and would probably do fine.  Or even Ocean Shores if you’re north of town.  The other option would be to be up north, near La Push.  I’d have to sort out things with the tribal authorities but I’ve worked with them to do photography there and found them accomodating.  That far north you’d want to be as far west as you can get so the takeoff angle over the Olympics is lower

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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