Re: Grid-pedition to CN98

Rick - N7WE

The only WA grid I still need is CN98.  So I will definitely be searching for your Grid-pedition! 

For times, John - KC3FL nailed it for what works for us here in FL on 20m.  But, he has a much better antenna setup than my miserly HOA compatible vertical.  When we worked during your shakedown I have it as 2234 and your signal got MUCH stronger after that as you were working others.  So I'd generalize that 2200 to 0000 is best for me.  I don't know if 40m will be doable due to the SSB interference.  If they are on, it blanks 7.070 to 7.072.  With just the vertical, there is no way to null them out.  Sigh!   But they aren't always on.  After about 0000, 20m is usually pretty much closed for me, so 40m might be worth a try if we can't make it on 20m.  I'm retired so any day of the week works for me.  

If you do Mt. Rainier, I'll be trying to work you even though I don't need the grid.  Are you thinking Sunrise Visitor Center?  That should be a great location for working to the east and south.

I'd love to do the Washington coast again...even if I didn't manage one Q!  I found working from the Washington and Oregon coast was tough to the east, as the Coast Range often made things difficult to impossible.  Japan, Hawaii, and some of the rarer ones in Oceania were fun though, as they are not easy from Florida.  But with the Franken-Tarheel it might be a different story.  Just pick your spots!  Topography matters.

Looking forward to your launch announcement and the after-action report when you are back home.  Good Luck and Great Fun to you!  73,
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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