Re: Operating portable and logging issues

Rick - N7WE

Dick is right.  When portable or mobile, knowing precisely what grid and county you are in can be difficult - particularly out west. 

If cell phone service is available (it still isn't in lots of remote areas) and you have a GPS enabled phone, I found the app "Grid Square Locator by US1PM Boris" helpful.  But it doesn't show county.  For county I found "Where Am I? by Ejlta LLC" helpful.  But it doesn't give you grid square.  Both are android apps and available on Google Play Store.  Never found an app that gives you both county and grid square.  I don't know about Ipad apps, but assume there are equivalents.  

In areas without cell coverage, I used my mobile - a Kenwood TM-700D with a GPS puck and the APRS-Position function.  That provides the 6 character grid square.  County lookup had to wait until we were back in cell coverage. Even when we were in cell coverage, it was nice to be able to double check location using two sources.  
Rick - N7WE
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