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Woohoo...the little FT817ND did a great job for me. First time ever trying full up contest as QRP.

The first two nights I had great success. Saturday was a different story. I had a lot of QRN, just horrible condx. I don’t think I could had made a contact across the street it was so bad. 

You get a real feel for conditions on QRP. Anyway, thanks for the contest and thanks to everyone who pulled my puny little signal out...hi!



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Three Day Weekend results are in. A very BIG THANK YOU to David, K9DWR for your awesome efforts to again create the upload link and parse the results.


We had a great turnout with 116 logs submitted. Of these, 27 were at the time non-members. Following the Contest, 8 of them have joined us. See below for complete listing.

There were 30 logs in the High Power 100W Category.  First Place and Top Dawg was Bonus Station, Steve, VA3TPS who lit up the ionosphere with 31,392 points. His 282 QSOs gave out 28,200 Bonus Points. He completed his 929th member QSO toward the 1,000 level LONP. In 2nd Place was William, K4REB. New Member, Bob, K4VBM pulled in 2nd Place. That took him to 88 QSOs toward his LONP.

In the Medium Power 50W Category with 53 logs, the winners were all Bonus Stations. First Place was John, KC3FL with 26,753 points. John was runner-up for the 2019 RC3 award.  In 2nd Place was Jerry, N9AVY. Jerry topped his 1,000 level LONP during the contest. In 3rd Place was Lee, N5SLY. Lee is our 2019 RC3 winner and still making fun competition for the 070 Club. Lee completed his WTW Endorsement during the Contest.

The Low Power 25W Category, with 27 logs, was won by our Executive Director, Jim, K5SP. Jim took a break from his gigantic task of getting our Mailings sent and repairing the website to enjoy the PSK-31 Contest world. In 2nd Place was long time member (#25) Steve, W3HF. In 3rd place was new member Bob, N8GU. Bob joined us during the 31 Flavors Contest and finished in 4th Place there.

The QRP 5W Category had 6 entries. First Place was Steve, VA3FLF. Very respectable results with Flea-Power! Non-member John, KD2MI  took 2nd Place and non-member Dwayne, K0DY took 3rd Place



Being a 72 hour long Contest required extreme effort especially by our Bonus Stations: Lee, N5SLY; Steve, VA3TPS; John, KC3FL, Jerry, N9AVY; Bob KK6KMU and Barry VA7GEM. Our heart-felt appreciation for your fantastic efforts!!

New members joining us following their participation in TDW:


Full results will be uploaded to the 070 Club and 070 Club Contest Reflectors.

See for info on viewing uploaded files at: 070 Email Reflector

Our next Event is the Endorsement Daze #3 on Saturday, June 20. The focus is LONP and TRI-WARC.

Starting: 10:00 UTC on Saturday, June 20 (Saturday, June 20 at 06:00 EDT)
Ending:  03:59 UTC on Sunday, June 21 (Saturday, June 27 at 23:59 EDT)

Our next contest is the 40M Firecracker Sprint. Choose a 6 hour block between 20:00 July 4 to 20:00 July 5.

See full Rules at:  Rules - 40M Firecracker Sprint 





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