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You are absolutely correct that ARRL does not represent all hams. 
From what I understand about ARRL membership data:

1. Most ARRL members are older hams, many whom have been hams for many years.
2. Most ARRL members have higher class licenses: General, Advanced, Extra. 
3. Most ARRL members tend to be more active than non-members, especially on the HF bands and using CW and digital modes. 

Those who are not ARRL members tend to be young Technician class operators with a shack on the belt connecting through VHF FM repeaters.
These operators have made neither the monetary nor time commitment to amateur radio that most ARRL members have done.

This information came from a presentation made by ARRL Director Kermit Carlson during a presentation to the McHenry County (Illinois) Wireless Association, a club to which we both belong.

One of the primary objectives of ARRL is to attract newcomers to amateur radio and to attract these younger Technicians to become more involved, including becoming members of ARRL. That is why we see such initiatives as expanding the spectrum available to Technicians. 


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A while back ARRL boasted that U.S. Hams numbered around 620,000... yet the ARRL membership sits at around 152,000 from what I've been able to gather from email & forums. Let's not forget that there are still a lot of Life Members as well who pay zero into membership coffers. Does ARRL really represent all hams ???

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Field Day is supposed to be first and foremost a disaster preparedness and traffic handling exercise.

Well, yes.  But ARRL as a membership organization has additional goals not directly related to those stated.  I imagine they would tend to go with whatever get the "numbers" up. 


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