Re: Audio alarms in HRD/DM780

Rick - N7WE

I've attached my notes on how to import the 070 member list from  This method will NOT provide the CQ alarm.  I think that originally comes is in the default alarm set, but I've replaced my default set so can't be sure.  You might be able to copy and paste the CQ alarm from one alarm set to another.  If not, the default set should give you the syntax you need to add to the 070 member list once you get it loaded into and alarm set.    

A word of caution - I am running WIN7 Pro and I have had to revert to HRD version in order to get my alarms to function.  Even then, they only function by color change, not audio.  I have been unable to get audio alarms working for several years.

Hope this helps.--
Rick - N7WE
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