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On Thursday, June 11, 2020, 05:24:29 PM CDT, David, K9DWR <david@...> wrote:

* Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> [2020-06-11 17:19]:
> Let my membership in ARRL expire. Got and email today with a link to a
> survey about renewal.
> Took this opportunity to vent my frustration with ARRL and their refusal to
> rein in Joe Taylor K1JT, and his roughshod behavior about taking over
> segments of the band that historically by gentlemens agreement have been
> used for PSK operations.  Pointed that they have done nothing to protect us,
> are bowing down to the almighty Joe Taylor and for that reason, myself, and
> many other PSK operators are not renewing or joining.
> Doubt anything comes of it, but I feel a better.

Yeah, it would be nice if they would be more proactive in managing this
kind of thing.  The main reason I supported them was because they are
our main lobby entity in DC, but this kind of thing is really turning
into a mess that didn't need to happen.  If I wasn't a life member, I'd
probably consider letting it lapse, too.

The question I have though, is "who is the alternative to support?"

David, K9DWR
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