David, K9DWR

* Jim K5SP <> [2020-06-11 17:19]:
Let my membership in ARRL expire. Got and email today with a link to a
survey about renewal.

Took this opportunity to vent my frustration with ARRL and their refusal to
rein in Joe Taylor K1JT, and his roughshod behavior about taking over
segments of the band that historically by gentlemens agreement have been
used for PSK operations.  Pointed that they have done nothing to protect us,
are bowing down to the almighty Joe Taylor and for that reason, myself, and
many other PSK operators are not renewing or joining.

Doubt anything comes of it, but I feel a better.
Yeah, it would be nice if they would be more proactive in managing this
kind of thing. The main reason I supported them was because they are
our main lobby entity in DC, but this kind of thing is really turning
into a mess that didn't need to happen. If I wasn't a life member, I'd
probably consider letting it lapse, too.

The question I have though, is "who is the alternative to support?"

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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