Eqsl confirmations ?

Jerry N9AVY

Wondering how many of us bother to check if stations who send Eqsls are really stations we've worked or do we just blindly go ahead and respond with our Eqsl.

Have had a few I've rejected over the past few months... mostly from Europe. One station claimed he worked me 25 April .. wasn't even on the air that day. Think there are some who "think" they worked a station, but in reality the heard what they "thought" was the station working them , but the station was in QSO with a different station.

Guess I'll be checking Eqsl now closer than ever. Still prefer LoTW because it's nearly impossible for that sort of thing to happen. LoTW has been down here since 22 Jan 2020, but am working at getting it up and running again. Had to get a new certificate.

jerry n9avy

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