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David Westbrook

Dan/Jim -- it's an upstream data issue... In the google spreadsheet there are some bad values with newlines in them.  e.g. the state for member 2420 was entered as "CO<NEWLINE>" ..  (ditto for 2715 and 2571 -- extra newlines in the state value).   That messes up the (inhenrently fragile) google->CSV->hamclubs processes.  But if you fix the source data, it'll flow through properly next refresh.

>   I believe it updates itself somehow

Yep! it was all completely automated, but very sensitive (for all the various clubs/datasources, not just 070) to,_garbage_out   and over time as the source data changes, it "breaks" the output.  but overall it's been pretty good for being totally unattended!  Which is why it's still up -- if some part of it is still working [with 0 dev time] and benefits someone, then great!


On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 7:09 PM Dan Morris - KZ3T <dbmorris315@...> wrote:
Bob - That is an issue with the site.  It is maintained by someone else and they do not keep it updated any longer.  I believe it updates itself somehow, however, those errors are not being fixed.  I have to go into the file and delete those as well every time I download the data file.  Kind of a pain but better than not having it at all I guess.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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On Jun 6, 2020, at 1:17 PM, Bob Motyl KK6KMU <bobmotyl@...> wrote:

Not sure this is an issue or not but thought I would ask.  I use the Ham Club membership List  for 070 on the web site and DX Labs SpotCollector.  Until recently it worked great.  I use FLDIGI and the bridge to the DX Labs suite.  As soon as I click on a call sign, DX View will tell me if someone is a PODXS member.  Recently some of the call signs were not recognized even though there were in the membership list.  I went though the list and found three locations where a 070-0000 was not attached to a call sign. Here are the locations in the list.
Between member (2420 and 2421), (2715 and 2716) and (2571 and 2572). 
I manually went in and deleted the extra 070-0000 and everything seems to work great again.  It appears SpotCollector has issues with the extra characters.  I'm not asking for a fix but want to know if the extra characters are in the list for another reason.  Thanks.
Bob  KK6KMU  #2484

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