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Jim K5SP

This had been brought up before, and the fix is just exactly what you did.

The files are generated by scripts on over which we have no control, and the site owner will not take action to fix them.

Jim K5SP 

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From: Bob Motyl KK6KMU <bobmotyl@...>
Date: 6/6/20 12:17 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [070Club] Ham Club Membership List

Not sure this is an issue or not but thought I would ask.  I use the Ham Club membership List  for 070 on the web site and DX Labs SpotCollector.  Until recently it worked great.  I use FLDIGI and the bridge to the DX Labs suite.  As soon as I click on a call sign, DX View will tell me if someone is a PODXS member.  Recently some of the call signs were not recognized even though there were in the membership list.  I went though the list and found three locations where a 070-0000 was not attached to a call sign. Here are the locations in the list
Between member (2420 and 2421), (2715 and 2716) and (2571 and 2572). 
I manually went in and deleted the extra 070-0000 and everything seems to work great again.  It appears SpotCollector has issues with the extra characters.  I'm not asking for a fix but want to know if the extra characters are in the list for another reason.  Thanks.
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