Re: Sending logs ???

David, K9DWR

* Stephen Melachrinos via <> [2020-06-02 00:56]:

Many systems still accept the now-deprecated MODE of PSK31, in order to
retain compatibility with older logging software. And the KJ4IZW software
(upon which our current but soon-to-be-nonfunctional) award scorer does.
Eventually, I would expect the backward-compatibility t end, so every ADIF
file with have to use both MODE and SUBMODE to define PSK31. SteveW3HF
The ADIF standard actually requires upward compatibility and allows for _import_ of
.adif files based on older specs with deprecated fields.

II.A. Upward Compatibility
From one version of ADIF to the next, Data Types, Enumerations, Fields, and
Formats shall be upwardly compatible, meaning that an ADIF file compliant with
ADIF version N will comply with any future ADIF version M where M>N.

II.B. Deprecation
Deprecated fields and enumeration values shall be accepted when importing an
ADIF file, but shall not be emitted when exporting an ADIF file.

So old, crusty adif files should always be able to be read and parsed. In
practice, I have rarely seen drastically out-of-date file formats and I code
for finding PSK31 in mode and submode fields.

David, K9DWR
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