Re: WOW !! - TDW 2020 is in the Logs!

Mike W4BZM

     You periodically post my status, so I'll offer this summary update:  The request for LONP has been submitted  :)

     I wasn't a serioius competitor in TDW.  I had neither the multi-band antenna nor the time available to try to rack up a high score.  So I operated as a search-and-pounce "sharpshooter", taking advantage of the contest as an opportunity to contact PODXS members I had never logged before.  Going into the contest:  96 members logged.  After the contest:  104 members logged.  Mission successful.

     I know it's a small achievement compared to Jerry N9AVY or our other more experienced members, but having just started using PSK-31 in Jan 2017, I'm pretty happy to make the first plateau.  On to 150!

     Thank you for your continued encouragement, both before and after the TDW contest.

Mike W4BZM

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