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Stephen Melachrinos

Not all scoring systems are set up the same way. 

Back when PSK31 was invented, it was (for a while) the only PSK mode. So the ADIF standard called it a MODE and defined the MODE as PSK31. This results in an ADIF entry that includes the following:


After a while, PSK submodes proliferated. For a while, they were added as additional modes, like


Eventually there became so many that the ADIF standard was changed to define all the variants as part of a PSK "MODE" family, with defined (and required) submodes. That results in the above three becoming


Many systems still accept the now-deprecated MODE of PSK31, in order to retain compatibility with older logging software. And the KJ4IZW software (upon which our current but soon-to-be-nonfunctional) award scorer does. Eventually, I would expect the backward-compatibility t end, so every ADIF file with have to use both MODE and SUBMODE to define PSK31.


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Ok great. It seemed o
To work last time I updated my QSO’s for awards but I screwed it up this time somehow.

Anyway, thanks I upload in a bit.


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I should have been clearer.  When you export from HRD Logbook, export it to just an ADI file.  In the Fields to Export, use the  ADIF Only button.  Choose a file name and save somewhere on your computer - not to ADIF master.  There is no need to strip anything out before you upload your saved file to the contest checker.  
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