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Stephen Melachrinos

Sherri -

If you use another logging program, just put the 070 number in a "Notes" of an "Exchange" field. This contest is being scored manually, and David says he'll find the number pretty much anywhere you put them.


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If you use AClog 2 ways to do it
1) make an SRX column in the "other' Listing
2) make a PODXS listing the same way
just add their PODXS # in the corresponding Category
Chris N9JCA

On 6/1/20 7:15 PM, Sherri Rapp wrote:
Greetings, everyone! I know this question has been asked before, but I can't find the answer after searching through the recent messages. I know we need an ADIF for upload...not an issue for me. However, what field do we use for the 070 #? Is there a log file example that I can view? Please go easy on me. I haven't done a 070 contest in probably 2 years and I mostly use pen and paper.

Sherri Rapp, #2601

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