Re: Some non-members are in violation of Part 97

James Wilson

Hello Jerry, Thanks for this information. A friend of mine may have
done this in the past. He will strive to do better, hi hi.

Is there wiggle room in this rule or is this to be accepted literally?
The reason I ask his on voice communications for contests once the CQ
calling station and the sending station have completed the QSO, the CQ
calling station will normally end with QRZ not giving me the
opportunity to send my call sign at the end of the transmission.

In digital modes if the sending station immediately calls CQ at the
"end" of the payload exchange how should one go about properly ending
the exchange? Should the station that has not sent their call sign
switch frequency and send an end of QSO?

Last dumb question is at the end of the QSO is it acceptable to send
"k6wrj 73 sk" or should it be "73 sk k6wrj"?

I strive to follow the rules and I am just not sure this one can
always be followed literally.

73 k6wrj

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 2:26 PM Jerry N9AVY <> wrote:

Over the past several months, have seen many stations violate Part 97 regarding ID procedures (ref 97.119a Station Identification). Which states that station ID must be given initially, every 10 minutes thereafter and at the end of the contact.

The trend seems to be to say "73 and SK (end of transmission with no response required)" and just disappear. Stations who do this can at some time expect to receive an FCC Official Notification of Violation. While no PODXS members are guilty of this, am pretty sure most of violators have never read Part 97 and just don't know. Amateurs used to be proud of their operations, but it seem,s that in past decade or so a lot of sloppy operators have hit the airwaves.

The new FCC Monitor program is just beginning and I'm sure they will find fertile hunting ground amongst digital operators; especially the unruly FT8 operators. Let me state that this is not that widespread and it's just a few who are problematic.

PODXS Members are great operators and should be good examples to all.

<end of rant>


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