WOW! - some thoughts on the 2020 070 TDW Contest

GA - Bob - K4VBM

First of all, I had a lot of fun in my first 070 Three Day Weekend contest.  Thanks to everyone for the contacts, the friendship, for just being out there and adding to the fun.  It was absolutely the greatest fun in awhile.

I managed to contact my first Alaska on PSK31 (thanks Alan, WL7CG).
I managed to contact a lighthouse activation via VE9BGC  in Canada.
So many nice contacts with you great Canadian stations to my north.
I manged to make some DX contacts to Azores, Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina.
And was nice to collect so many 070 member numbers in such a short time.
And I did collect many 0000's from non-members, and at least 2 of them said they would look into joining our club that I informed them about - really hope so.

Sorry to KI5WA and thanks for his gracious understanding for that attempted dupe on 15m - I had been trying to work him on 20m all day Sunday, and forgot I had moved to 15m (yes, I finally did get that 20m contact).  As we get older, our memories get weaker LOL! :)

I was keeping a paper log in addition to a computer one, and the paper says I may have had 12 contacts with bonus stations, including the last one with VA7GEM in the last 2 minutes :)

Going to take awhile to check everything and get it submitted, but well worth the effort and time.
Thanks to the club for organizing such a wonderful event.  Looking forward to more PSK31 contacts in the future (PSK31 was my first digital contact, and have made so many great friends via it).

Stay well and safe everyone!


Bob Hensey
K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)
PODXS# 2727

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