Re: Having a rough time with FLDIGI

Chuck M

Maybe I'm simplifying things too much.  Anyway to include a counter with the logs, depending on the program, so it would record number of contacts with same station?  So maybe your log shows 2 or 3 contacts with same station while the other ham's log only shows 1 because they failed to log it, couldn't read number, etc.

Or maybe this makes it way to complicated. 

Calling CQ on 20 and only getting a bite now and then.  Unlike being out fishing, do have full bathroom, food, water, etc.  close.  ;-)


On Sunday, May 31, 2020, 3:58:17 PM EDT, Bo W4GHV <bobarr@...> wrote:

Sorry for the problems. I worked hard and long and got it perfected!   Latest fldigi, N3FJP CQ WPX contest log, etc. I can give you my fldigi settings.
Why QRP with the 7610. I use its full power on everything! No problems at all. Well,, maybe the 2 minute WSPR signal needs backed down a bit.
Don't get discouraged. At 80 I'm still learnign

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