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Vertical is Gap Challenger DX-VIII, eight band unit.  No tuner needed on several of the bands, on 80 it's a very narrow section.  Dipole is multi-band Alpha-Delta DX-CC.  Have home built patch panel to switch the 2 antennas with this radio and a Kenwood 440.

Have a LDG-Z-100 Plus tuner working with my low power rig.  Switch it into or out of path as needed.  Check the SWR on a close frequency, then decide how to run it.

Just started running psk31 first time at WFD back in January.  Enjoyed it and been doing more of it.  The TDW has been fun, little learning curve at first to get macros set up after watching some exchanges.  But going well.


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If you have a "tuner" the 80m dipole should load up just fine on 40m... might also work on 15 m and other bands. Not sure what vertical you're using but tonight I was on my Butternut HF-6V vertical because the dual sloper wouldn't load up on 80m. Put some radials under vertical it may help.

73, Jerry n9avy
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My little CS-108G struggles to put out 10 watts on most bands without going into ALC issues, red dashes on the screen.  On 80M it's pushing out 15 to 20 without a problem.  Using MFJ-874 to measure output vs what it shows on the radio's display.

Wasn't having much luck with my vertical, so switched to horizontal dipole for 80M.   Seems to be doing a little better.

Thanks for the contacts.  Over 90 now. Happy with that as my first TDW contest.  Hopefully get over 100 before it ends tomorrow night.


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Yes. It was rough--a lot of QRN here--but got it.



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Copied you on 80m ,  did you copy me  ???

Jerry  n9avy

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